Travels to sunny, southern or tropical climates have allowed me to collect photos of amazing foliage. The current series is one that follows past series from 2012 and 2015. I am always surprised at how varied and intense the colors are. The light in these locations is so bright that the contrast and shadowing is amplified to a degree that the northern light of some of my other images cannot begin to match.

The paintings below, from a trip to Hawaii, are part of the 2019 series.

These, from 2015, are from plants seen in Florida.

These paintings are from a 2012 trip to Hawaii

The contrast between the soft and gentle light in the northern part of the world and the bright, intense light from the more southern areas affects the colors and contrasts of what I see. I am enjoying the vibrancy of these tropical leaves during the darker days of winter, but am thinking I might spend time during the summer with the less intense and more subtle images I have collected of things seen in the north.

It is my hope that you enjoy viewing these paintings as much as I have enjoyed creating them.