Each of Laura Janes’ paintings starts with a vision, but the journey from vision to completion is different for each work. Insight into her creative process is illustrated here by focusing on “Blue Agave.”

Painted in Laura Janes’ signature large-scale, close-up style, “Blue Agave” captivates and engages the viewer with its amplified representation of an organic subject that comes to life through the masterful use of texture and layering.

Janes was inspired during a visit to the renowned Beatrice Wood house in Ojai, Calif. Entranced by the colors of the agave she encountered on the Wood grounds, she photographed the plant throughout the day to capture the way its shadows, color and texture changed with the light. 

Each of the more than 100 photographs Janes took of the agave helped bring her vision to fruition on canvas. Nuanced blues and greens intensify the natural beauty of the subject matter, while the graceful interplay of shadow and light evoke an ethereality that is unique to Janes’ work.