Q – What material do you paint on?
A – Unless otherwise noted, all work is done on canvas, stretched over Masonite sheets and on wood bars. The bars are 1” to 2”, depending on the size of the piece.

Q – Is framing included?
A – Most pieces are sold unframed, to allow the buyers to frame according to their own taste.

Q – Can I hang the piece unframed?
A – Yes, definitely, and this is a popular option. Most work is “museum wrapped,” where the canvas is pulled all the way around to the inside back, and the sides are painted as part of the art.

Q – Should the paintings be kept out of direct light? 
A – The work is done using Nova Color paint, a brand that originated with the Los Angeles film industry and is archival quality. Nova Color is a colorfast product that allows for extremely vibrant tones and does not require protection from bright indoor or outdoor light.

Q - Is there a limited “life” of the paintings?
A – The canvas is heavy duck and the acrylics are of the highest quality. Though no age guarantee can be made about the work—or any work—only top quality materials are used.

Q – If a work is commissioned, is there a time frame commitment in the contract?
A – As a creative endeavor, completion time of a work is not exact, but a range is given and every effort is made to meet that deadline. 

Q – How is pricing set?
A – Pricing is primarily a function of amount of labor, not size, subject or other factors, though size indirectly does influence the amount of time that goes into a painting.

Q – Can paintings be shipped?
A – Yes, the canvas is stretched over Masonite, so there is no danger of holes being poked through the material. This helps keep shipping costs down.

Q – How is payment made?
A – If paintings are purchase directly through a show or gallery, payment is immediate. If a work is commissioned, a 50% deposit is required, with the balance due upon delivery or shipment.

Q – Why are the paintings only available through certain galleries and shows?
A – Each gallery is hand-picked against a list of the artist’s requirements: including how well the environment works with the pieces, the courtesy shown to visitors, reputation within the art community, and many other measurements.