Laura Janes is a fine artist specializing in painting natural forms. Her work is informed by the raw, organic beauty of the mountains . deserts and oceans. She draws inspiration from elements found in the natural world, including desert plants, trees, water, and rocks.

For Janes, nature is an endless, complex seduction, resulting in art that is always an affair of the heart, presented with attraction, enchantment, and acute clarity. She works primarily in acrylic on canvas as well as in watercolor, and occasionally creates mixed media pieces using images, gold and silver leaf, and encaustic materials. Subjects are represented in the abstract, coming to life through Janes’ signature use of amplified colors, contrast, and composition.

Strongly believing that the creative mind should never stop being nurtured, Janes continues to take university-level coursework and works to cultivate a passion for art in children and adults. She conducts workshops and classes, leads art camps for adults, and works with multiple non-profit organizations to support their respective missions through art.

Janes is the past president of the Interior Design Society of Palm Springs (IDS) and a member of the Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Oregon chapters of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). While continuing to work with designers and galleries in California, she now makes her home in Oregon.

Janes’ work is available for purchase through galleries and design professionals.